About us

Months of Development
“We always wanted to make a difference.”

The History of Cellgo

The origin of Cellgo is in 2019.

A common ground of our founding team is the will to make a difference. When we visited an automated small parts warehouse, it became clear – warehouse automation is expensive and often means special plant engineering. It requires numerous vendor solutions and interfaces. Driven by this knowledge and the will to make the world easier, we have been working on our unique solution since 2020.


Our team consists of experts who have valuable industry experience and necessary know-how.


We impress with a shared passion for automation technology. Together we put our commitment into the further development of our solution.

Companions on our way.

Strong Network

With a lot of support from industry experts, technical consultants and valuable networks, we are perfecting our technology. Not only our product, but also our team has experienced an extraordinary advancement since we started. Follow us on LinkedIn to follow our journey and see interesting news in your feed.

Founders Foundation_Logo

Through the Founders Foundation, we benefit from know-how in the field of StartUps and a strong network. Contact with other founders is also important to us.

Meet the Team

Mitarbeiterfoto Christoph Dreesbach

Christoph Dreesbach

Finance & Sales
Mitarbeiterfoto Lukas Puls

Lukas Puls

Electrical Engineering
Mitarbeiterfoto Malik Hafez

Malik Hafez

Artificial Intelligence
Mitarbeiterfoto Bhuvan Sharma

Bhuvan Sharma

Information Technology
Mitarbeiterfoto Harshita Puri

Harshita Puri

Information Technology
Mitarbeiterfoto Finn Buttgereit

Finn Buttgereit

Mechanical Engineering
Fabian Ritter Mitarbeiterfoto

Fabian Ritter

Electrical Engineering